About Quinn's Flowers

For more than 100 years, Quinn's Flowers has been an essential ingredient in Philadelphia's most festive occasions. Whether it is a gala, wedding celebration, or a once-in-a-lifetime event, Quinn's Flowers has provided some type of decor. We have many well-known clients and serve large businesses. However, our most important customer is YOU! Let us show you beautiful ways to make every occasion special. You will appreciate the service, the style, and the spectacular arrangements that are synonymous with Quinn's Flowers.

Our History

1920 - Quinn's Flowers has been in business since 1920 when Frank C. Quinn, Sr. started the business. Frank's passion for flowers has been passed onto four generations of the Quinn Family. Frank had an inspiration to own his own business. This journey began with a small store with aspirations of growing. Now, 101 years later, Quinn's Flowers is a store dedicated to the customer.

1930 - Martha Quinn started operating the business after her husband Frank Quinn, Sr. passed away suddenly.

1961 - Martha Quinn passed away and Frank Quinn, Jr. took over the family business. Frank Quinn, Jr. was a florist known for his generosity and a Mummer for more than half a century. He owned and operated Frank C. Quinn Flowers on South 3rd Street. Mr. Quinn was born in an apartment above the flower shop in 1928. He spent his entire career as a florist there until his passing in 1998.

1978 - Frank C. Quinn, III joined his father as a designer for the flower shop. Frank, III created a beautiful array of arrangements and designs during his tenure and took the flower shop creatively into the next generation of floral designs.

1999 - Mary Quinn assumed ownership of her husband’s business. From that day on she became the face and voice of the Quinn's Flowers. She managed the store area, greeted and directed all customers, and answered all incoming calls. Mary was the salesperson that you would work with when calling our shop. She had great people skills and enjoyed hearing from new people daily.

2001 - Eileen Quinn-Cassidy (daughter to Frank Jr. and Mary) and Frank Quinn, IV (grandson) assumed daily operations of Quinn's Flowers.

2020 - Maryann Quinn joins her husband Frank Quinn, IV in relocating the family business from 2008 South Third Street to 1728 South Second Street. The business was located at 2008 South Third Street for 99 years and it was time to relocate three blocks north of our existing location to an updated showroom to better service our customers. The move was a necessary decision in order to keep the tradition of Quinn's Florist in the management of the Quinn Family. The store is managed by Frank Quinn, IV who is the great grandson of the original owner. Also joining the team at our new location is Frank Quinn, V. Frank Quinn, V is a 5th generation Quinn looking to take the business into the next 100 years.

Frank Quinn, IV - Frank's love affair for flowers started at an early age. He remembers being amazed at what beauty his grandfather could create by merely using his hands and what was available to him from nature. Frank started in the business when he was 13 years old. Frank has been the primary designer for the company since 2001. Frank enjoys working with the customers and loves the new challenges the customers bring him. He has raised the industry standards for wedding arrangements and has been recognized numerous times for outstanding decorating ideas. Frank continues to study floristry and takes monthly classes to stay on top of the market’s latest designs. He has a true passion for flowers. Frank has a keen eye for design and creativity. He was born a fresh flower floral designer.