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Quinn’s Flowers has provided floral decor for many weddings and we are always on the cutting edge with new designs and ideas. To set up an appointment to meet with one of our floral designers please contact us today at 215-468-2881. Before coming to meet us look through bridal books and floral guides. Sketch ideas, cut out pictures, or take photographs of flowers you like and share them with us. Seeing your ideas and personal style will help Quinn’s translate your concepts and special requests into workable floral designs and arrangements that are just right for you. It will be helpful if you know the colors and style of the gowns you and your bridesmaids will be wearing. Bring pictures of your gown and the bridesmaids’ dresses, along with swatches of fabric if you have them available. During your initial consultation with Quinn’s, we will discuss specific design ideas that fit both your personal style and budget and we will make arrangements for us to visit both the ceremony and reception sites if needed.

Wedding Bouquet Trends

Today’s wedding bouquets are more personal than ever, running the gamut from classic all-white formal arrangements to unique designs featuring brightly colored flowers. The following are four popular bouquet styles.


Flowers that descend below the main portion of the bouquet design. The voluptuousness of the bouquet is often the main feature of the wedding costume. Cascade bouquets are most often used in formal and traditional weddings.


Florists create this by placing the stems of the flowers, foliage, and accessories in their hands and wrapping them around the center of the design until they are securely fastened. These arrangements are designed to show the natural growth of the stems, which are often wrapped in ribbon.


These bouquets are inspired by unconventional ideas, styles, and patterns and are designed with no specific geometric form. They are usually created with flowers that have a definite form and add character to a bouquet.

Flowers To Be Worn


Boutonnieres are an added touch to make a special event more memorable. Boutonnieres, worn on the lapel, can be customized to match an individual's attire or coordinate with your date's corsage.


Corsages are an extra touch to make a special event or person even more memorable. Body flowers can be customized to match an individual's personality, clothing, favorite colors, or the even for which they are intended.

Creative Ideas for Wedding Flowers


Welcome gifts for out-of-town guests and members of the bridal party.

Thank you gifts for those people who make the bride and groom’s day special.

At The Ceremony

Adorn the ceremony entrance with flower-filled urns that can later be moved to the reception.

Use flowers and candlelight at different levels to give dimension to the design.

Use a pew bouquet to mark the seats of both the groom’s and bride’s mothers.

At The Reception

Place garland at the center of the head table with flowers, foliage, and votive candles.

Use the bridesmaid’s bouquets to create lavish buffet table decorations or to surround the cake.

Sprinkle rose petals on the cake table and walkways.

Toss rose petals instead of rice as the bride and groom leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flowers are one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. They set the mood and tone for the event and will be remembered for years to come. A good rule of thumb is to contact your florist at least three months in advance. However, if your wedding is going to be an exceptionally elaborate event, take place during peak wedding season or fall on a holiday, then six months to a year is not too soon to contact your florist. This will allow Quinn’s to begin looking for any props or specialty items you might need. Wedding flowers can be highly specific, and colors often have to be very precise, so we need advance notice to place flower orders.

Yes. Be honest about your budget on the initial consultation so that Quinn’s will know what to recommend. By considering your budget from the very beginning of the planning process, we can give you the best advice on how to place the flowers for maximum effect and what types of flowers will be the best value to achieve your desired look.

The more information you can provide the better we will be prepared to offer creative suggestions. Your florist will want to create a spectacular and memorable event for you. Anything you can bring will be beneficial. Pictures that depict what you have in mind are extremely helpful. Bring a photo of your dress and a sample of the fabric or lace if you have it, as well as swatches and photos of the bridesmaids’ dresses. Also, think about what “style” of wedding you want. If you are not sure, we can offer suggestions based on your wedding plans so far.